Warranties for Fontana G40 and Organic Base 40# Underlayments
and Lockridge Interlocking Hip and Ridge Tile

Fontana Paper Mills is the only manufacturer in the Western region to provide a stand-alone leak warranty on the their underlayment products.

Homeowners are offered a 10 Year or 20 Year No Leaks Limited Warranty only when Fontana G40 or Fontana Organic Base 40# Roofing Underlayment is installed by a Certified TRI Roof Installer.

For a listing of Certified TRI Roof Installers in your area, please visit
the Tile Roofing Institute: http://tileroofing.org/find-contractor/

Please Note: It is the Homeowner's responsibilty to make certain the Certified TRI Roof Installer is in good standing with the Tile Roofing Institute.
Once the job has been completed, the Certified TRI Roofing Installer has 30 days to submit a request for your No Leaks Limited Warranty.
Upon validation, Fontana will provide your Certified TRI Roofing Installer your
No Leaks Limited Warranty, for presentation to you. Fontana Paper Mills does not provide warranties directly to Homeowners.

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