What comes in one bundle of Lockridge?

Each bundle contains 30 pieces; 29 ridge and 1 universal piece. This bundle will complete approximately 20 linear
feet of ridge.
Lockridge is also the only ridge product that provides this universal piece to make hip and ridge installation more attractive and easier to install.

Lockridge Box
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Lockridge Installation Instructions




Nails MUST be 11 gauge corrosion resistant 5/16” Roofing Nails of sufficient length to penetrate ½” plywood or ¾” into lumber. Each Lockridge® piece requires 2 nails, one on each side, driven through the pre-marked yellow dots on the granule side.




A. For an efficient installation process it is important to begin at the lowest point of your roof and work your way up. It is recommended you measure 4” from the center of the Hip or Ridge and snap a line on both sides from end to end to ensure a uniform appearance.

Roofer-installing-ridge B. To begin the installation, there are two ways to trim your starter piece– straight for gable end or miter for hip. Take the rectangular starter/center piece and check for scribe lines on the back side. NOTICE the straight perforated line – this line is to be cut only for the straight starter piece. For the mitered hip, place the starter piece in the desired location at the lowest point of the ridge and cut to match the roof line. Trim the center piece per your needs with a sharp knife or box cutter on the back side.
To separate the trim piece, slightly bend it TOWARDS the granule side. Keep the shortened ridge piece to finish other areas.

C. To install your trimmed universal piece, place it back to its previously measured position and use 2 nails to penetrate through the starter piece and nail it securely into the roof deck. NOTE there are no nailing markers on the universal piece so you may customize its position to your needs.

D. Place the first shingle on the ridge above the starter piece and slide down until Lockridge® has interlocked. This can be checked by gently pulling up on the exposed lip of the shingle. When the lip is properly interlocked it will not move.

E. Once the interlock is secured, align the ridge piece and nail through the yellow nailing markers. Interlock each Lockridge® shingle into the next so the locking lugs grab the feathered edge. Repeat this process until the ridge meets the highest line of the roof or the center of the ridge.

F. On Hip installation it is important to have uniform exposure on each side of the hip. Shorten the exposure as needed by trimming each shingle to the necessary level allowing for a tight fit. Use roofing asphalt to seal and cap each hip joint to ensure a waterproof seal. NOTE it is recommended to fashion a scrap piece of an asphalt shingle under the end caps and seal with asphalt to ensure a waterproof seal.

G. Prior to installing the center cap, it is recommended to install a piece of scrap asphalt shingle under the end caps withasphalt seal to cover the exposed edges of the ridge. Install the center piece over the roof using four roofing nails. Be sure to limit the size of the cap sheet so there is no exposure  under the center piece.

B-Cut for GableD-Cut for HipC-Nail GableC-Nail HipD-InterlockE-NailF-Seal

Always use caution when working on roofs.

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